Jason Ramsay BSc MSc

Position: Owner

With qualifications including MSc in S&C and British weightlifting level 1, my journey in fitness has not been via a so-called “normal” path.

While I have always been involved in sport from a young age – being part of a football academy throughout my childhood and also playing semi-professional football as a teenager and into my adult years – it was a back injury that put me on the path I’m walking today.

After various injections and finally a pretty big operation on my back, I found myself desperate to get back into shape.

During this process I made the decision to quit my full time job as an admin assistant manager and study for my MSc in Strength and Conditioning – a decision which ultimately led me to where I am today.

Many people will call me a personal trainer (PT) but I see myself more as a coach.

I’m here to help coach people into making better lifestyle choices with regards to food, training and general lifestyle choices. I’m also here to educate my clients on how best to work out and explain the benefits all of these better choices make.

Your fitness journey doesn’t have to be three killer workouts followed by chicken and broccoli every day. Nor is it my mission to push you so far in the gym that you’re throwing up.

My job is to show you how you can enjoy your journey and more importantly sustain the changes you’ve made.

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