2 years ago, after trialling out multiple fitness classes, from abs blast to swim fit, I finally joined boot camp. I found sessions hard to start with as my fitness levels were at their lowest and I was at my heaviest weight- 13 stone 8. Around 4 weeks in, I started to find certain exercises easier and felt a lot better in myself, sometimes a ‘c’mon guys or not long left’ is all I would need to hear to keep me going. I increased the amount of times I attended in a week and went from going only once to at least twice. After attending 2-3 times a week for around 4 months, myself and Laura decided to give personal training a go alongside boot camp. I had noticed a difference in other boot campers that were doing PT sessions and wanted to have that little extra progression for myself. I have been a member of multiple gyms over the years, but have never had the confidence to train anything other than cardio, so never seen any benefits. From the very first PT session, I thoroughly enjoyed it and having a trainer like Jason is just what I needed to always keep me motivated. Sessions are always planned and tailored to suit us and Jason would always ask what differences we want to see in ourselves and what areas we want to work on etc. He is extremely hard working but always manages to adapt exercises to suit you as an individual, or change times to fit around your lifestyle. I have been attending boot camp for 2 years and personal training for 18 months, combined, they are the only two forms of fitness that I have ever stuck at and this is because of Jason. I have made a great friend and have so much respect for the time and dedication he puts into each and every single client. Overall, I have lost around two stone with a noticeable difference to my body shape. The biggest benefit of all for me is that I am now confident enough to train myself at the gym, with a little help from Jasons video gym guides. I would recommend boot camp, personal training, or both to anyone; I am just so glad that I have been fortunate enough to have had Jason as my trainer.

Evie Grosvenor 


I have been attending Jason’s PT sessions for one year and have recently started bootcamp. For the first time ever, I actually enjoy exercise as his classes and sessions are varied, motivating and really push me to my limit. The thing that works for me is that Jason is very realistic and will work around my lifestyle rather than set unachievable goals, whilst still pushing me to get the results I want! Sessions are fun and he’s so easy to get along with – from day one has made me feel completely relaxed so I’ve now got a great trainer and good friend! Would definitely recommend.

Laura Shalvey


I’ve been training with Jason for over 6 months now, the first 3 months of the year being my biggest achievement with weight loss and toning after hitting my heaviest after the Christmas period!

I lost 5 inches from my waist alone, as well as dropping two dress sizes and for the first time in a long time felt comfortable in my more fitted clothing I’d avoided for too long.

Jason has completely changed my approach to weight training with most girls thinking we bulk up with weights.

Jason has been a great coach throughout. He has listened to my specific goals, made realistic plans every 6 weeks, kept regular recordings of my progress and educated me on the physiology behind it all, as well as eating the right foods. Completely do-able for anyone – even with the busiest of lifestyles.

Always approachable and an overall genuine guy. I can’t thank him enough. I would definitely recommend

Lyndsey Broxton


I’d recommend JR Fitness and Performance to anyone who’s looking to improve themselves physically or mentally.

I’ve worked alongside Jason for more than a year with personal training sessions and the improvements I’ve seen in my sporting performances have been far beyond what I’d expected.

I play basketball and decided to work with Jason to improve my conditioning and physical attributes heading into recent seasons. I’ve already seen huge improvements in my explosiveness and other parts of my game – and continue to push toward other goals.

My diet has improved, I feel much better in myself and I’ve noticed numerous physical benefits too.

He provides regular updates via social media so I can work out in my own time, which is perfect when I’m finding it hard to find spare time for full sessions. Also, the sessions themselves are affordable, effective and exciting too – I’ve never found myself bored during training and I always feel like I’m working toward an achievable goal.

I know I can trust in Jason to build the right workouts for me to achieve my goals. Everyone is different and with his sessions, I know I’m getting a personalised training plan which works towards what I want to achieve.

I couldn’t emphasise enough just how effective his sessions are and just how much I’ve achieved already. Whether you’re looking for a general improvement to your fitness levels or a specialised sporting regime, Jason’s sessions are far and away the best I’ve participated in, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

P.S. Dunk incoming in 2019!

Luke Hatfield 


After I broke my ankle I lost confidence in my ability at the gym, I contacted Jason after seeing his fitness page on Instagram and after talking to him I booked a block of PT sessions. When meeting Jason for the first time he instantly made me feel at ease, he was friendly and even came out to my car to meet me, he understood how daunting walking into a new gym could be. Each session was different  and we worked on a variety of exercise, a lot which were easy to remember and stuff I was able to do by myself. We also discussed how I could get my daily steps up and the amounts of fats, proteins and carbs I should be eating, all which would contribute to my ends results.

Overall I had 20 PT sessions with Jason, in that time my confidence in the gym grew, my ankle is stronger and I couldn’t have asked for better results, I lost 12 lbs and a total of 9 inches form my body over an 11 week period, this was without making drastic changes to my diet. You could really see the physical changes in my pictures that Jason encouraged me to take.  With the knowledge and techniques, Jason taught me and the nutrition advise he gave me I have maintained my weight loss and have greater confidence and motivation in using the gym alone, the sessions were worth every penny, a total investment in myself.

Hannah Byrne


I have been attending JR fitness since the very session over 4 years ago.

Initially, I was extremely nervous as I had only never been to the gym to exercise and never participated in group sessions, but since the first session, I have never looked back and been a regular ever since.

In my time being part of the bootcamp family, Jason has made me feel confident to workout in a group which has helped up my own level by using weights, group exercises and simply enjoying myself.

In addition to bootcamp, I have also been receiving personal training sessions from Jason which has put me to a level I didn’t believe I could reach myself. The improvements have varied from my overall posture, right through to my endurance levels shooting up which along the way has does wonders for my confidence. I then took this confidence and signed up for the Birmingham Half Marathon(13.2miles) which is something I didn’t think I was capable of… to now signing up and being accepted to run the London Marathon(26.2Miles!!) I owe a lot of this progression and confidence to Jason and Bootcamp which has helped transform me over the years.

Other than the obvious benefits,  JR Fitness Bootcamps have also allowed me to meet some great people which I now call friends. The group is always welcoming to new starters and everyone supports each other which is why I have  and will continue to be part of this family

Simi Rehal


I have been going to Bootcamp sessions with a mate for well over a couple of years now.  As a mature person, (one of the oldest bootcampers I think!), I can honestly say how much fun our sessions are.  Age has proved not to be a barrier, since taking part I have become much stronger and fitter with much better stamina and that feels good.  This is down to Jason’s ethos and approach to our sessions.

No two sessions are the same (of course same exercises but different combinations!) Jason keeps the sessions fresh and interesting, whilst progressing us and upping the ante. He keeps an eye on us, supports us when we have the odd niggle or injury and willingly offers advice both on the exercise and nutritional front.

Bootcamp is fun, it’s hard work and Jason challenges us to work hard and compete with ourselves.  He has also created a close Bootcamp community, a friendly environment, where young and old get along and support and praise each other.  That’s why Bootcamp is so comfortable for me to come along to and is my exercise class of choice.

My husband and I have also had a few sets of PT sessions with Jason and whilst they are undeniably tough sessions they are enjoyable too.  We want different outcomes and so Jason plans for and caters for both of our needs, it works well for us.

Vanessa Welch

JR Fitness & Performance